I am a creative & passionate storyteller led by intention crafted and curated from the heart, with you in mind. As an artist, I envision beauty in everything in which I create and touch.



A mindful (space) driven by intention. I specialize in building brands from the inner core. I delve deep, not only into your branding, but with you. We work on creating energetically infused business guided by your vision. I believe that a successful brand is fueled by passion and we combine that passion, with a little magic to create something beautiful. I am more than a creative, I really care about your business and your dreams.


Some (Recent) Work


Woman in the sun, wearing a DO SO tank top. DO SO logo on top.


At my core, I am a creator. I have a passion in storytelling through visuals. I believe that your radiance shines when your intent and feeling are captured creatively. I have an eye for detail and I’m highly driven when it comes to inspiring others storytelling (branding).

I approach every project with authenticity, passion, and dedication, and this has always been one of the linchpins of my work


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Story Telling


My (Thoughtful) Process


Discovery Stage

I believe that collaboration is key to creating successful designs and marketing strategies. That’s why I begin every project with a discovery stage that involves working closely with my clients to gather information about their needs, goals, and target audience.

During the discovery stage, I take the time to understand your business, analyze your data, and conduct research to gain insights into your industry and competition. I’ll ask you questions, conduct interviews or surveys, and do everything I can to get a deep understanding of your unique value proposition.

By working collaboratively with you, I can ensure that the final solution aligns with your goals and meets the needs of your target audience. The discovery stage sets the foundation for the design or marketing services process, and it helps me to create a solution that is effective, successful, and tailored to your business.

Strategy Stage

Once we’ve completed the discovery stage, we move on to the strategy stage. During this stage, I take the insights and information gained in the discovery stage and use them to develop a comprehensive strategy that will guide the rest of the project.

The strategy stage is where we’ll identify the key objectives, target audience, messaging, and tactics that will be used to achieve your goals. I’ll develop a detailed plan that outlines the steps we need to take to achieve your desired outcomes, and I’ll work with you to ensure that you are comfortable with the plan and understand how it aligns with your business goals.

I believe that a solid strategy is essential to the success of any design or marketing project. By taking the time to develop a strategy that is tailored to your specific needs and goals, we can ensure that we’re on the right track and that every element of the project is working together to achieve your desired outcomes.

Ultimately, the strategy stage is about setting the foundation for success. With a well-defined strategy in place, we can move forward with confidence, knowing that every step we take is aligned with your goals and designed to help you achieve success.

Implementation Stage

With the discovery and strategy stages completed, we move on to the implementation stage. This is where we bring the plan to life and put everything into action.

During the implementation stage, I’ll work closely with you to create designs, develop content, and execute marketing campaigns that are aligned with the strategy we’ve developed. This may involve designing a website, creating social media posts, developing email marketing campaigns, or creating other marketing materials that are designed to achieve your objectives.

Throughout the implementation stage, I’ll keep you informed of our progress, providing regular updates and seeking your input and feedback along the way. I believe that collaboration is key to success, and I’m committed to working with you every step of the way to ensure that we’re on track and that the final product meets your expectations.

Once we’ve completed the implementation stage, we’ll review the results and make any necessary adjustments. This may involve analyzing website traffic data, reviewing engagement rates, or conducting surveys with your customers to ensure that we’re achieving the desired outcomes.

Overall, the implementation stage is about turning the plan into reality and executing on the strategy we’ve developed together. By working collaboratively and keeping our eyes on the end goal, we can achieve success and help you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Evaluation & Optimization Stage

The final stage of the design or marketing services process is typically the evaluation and optimization stage.

During this stage, we’ll review the results of the implementation stage and measure the success of the project against the goals that were established during the discovery and strategy stages. We’ll identify what worked well and what didn’t, and we’ll use that information to optimize future campaigns or designs.

This may involve making tweaks to the website, refining messaging, or adjusting marketing tactics based on the data and feedback we’ve received. We’ll work together to create a plan for ongoing optimization and improvement, ensuring that the project continues to deliver results and meet your goals over time.

Overall, the evaluation and optimization stage is essential to ensuring ongoing success and staying ahead of the competition. By continuously measuring and optimizing our approach, we can stay nimble and responsive to changes in the market and consumer behavior, and continue to achieve success over the long term.

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